Climate Action

Charlie Banana® is teaming up with Climate Action - we are now offsetting our carbon footprint emissions!
Carbon friendly production is part of our overall mission in 2012. Carbon Credits are used to invest in an activity that will reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions.


We have now started our own Carbon Credit redemption program with Climate Action .

Want to Be a Climate Action Hero with us?
Well... you already are!! When buying Charlie Banana® products you can be assured that you are buying carbon friendly products. We have assessed to our best knowledge our carbon footprint and we have bought more than enough carbon credits to offset our production, distribution and shipping.
Look for the Climate Action Hero seal coming up on our latest packaging.

Climate Action is a social enterprise which supports sustainable low-carbon living, and socially responsible consumer choices. This is achieved in two ways. We help fund renewable energy projects and carbon off-setting projects by offering carbon credits to individuals and businesses alike. We also use our strong voice on a broad range of social media outlets. Climate Action aims to mobilize our community to fight against climate change in order to provide a better environment for future generations.

A word from Steven Chiu at Climate Action
" Climate Action is very excited to collaborate with Charlie Banana®. Charlie Banana®'s products are designed with a focus on sustainable living, which helps to make a difference in our consumption patterns. We believe this goes hand in hand with our support for clean water, air and energy.
We both share a common goal of providing a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for families around the world.

Individual action has amazing power. From Cloth Diapers to Carbon Credits, we're so excited to share new ways to improve our environment and take action in our day-to-day lives.

Lastly if you want to personally buy carbon credits to offset your individual emissions you can buy some directly from Climate Action or on our website .

The carbon credits will be allocated to any of the below six projects.