Our Mission

Charlie Banana® is a witty eco-friendly brand that designs and manufactures everything with reducing waste in mind. We live in a world full of chemicals and cheap items that do not deliver what they promise. There is a global lack of eco-friendly modern design and such a waste of resources. Many of us do not realize the full extent of the chemicals we apply on ourselves and on our children - from food, cosmetics, clothing, personal hygiene and cleaning products. We wanted to make something truly unique and to promote items that are simple but so much better for the health of the whole family, our world, and our wallets.

The future of the world is in our hands. We actively promote reusing wherever possible striving to change one habit at a time with faith that individual efforts make a huge difference.

If we can make people more aware of their daily waste and encourage changing their habits, this would be a great achievement.

11.9 million tons of diaper waste is produced in the U.S. every year.

After years of research, development and testing we are very proud of our range of products. We know you will be impressed too. We have carefully selected every fabric, and we use Oeko-Tex suppliers wherever possible. Our true goal is to convince at least half of the parents out there to use reusable diapers and other reusable products for their children, and we will!

Let's make the world a nicer place together. #LoveCharlieBanana #GoClothYourself #CBcutie 

Do Good, Be Good, Feel Good,


Gaëlle Wizenberg with the Amazing Charlie Banana Team