What you need to get started

I am ready to go Charlie Banana® . . . what do I need to start cloth diapering?

How many diapers?
Sized Diapers
     Charlie Banana hybrid cloth diapers for newbornNewborn:
A minimum of 12 Charlie Banana® diapers in Small.
6 Months
A minimum of 12 Charlie Banana® diapers in Medium.
24 Month
A minimum of 8 Charlie Banana® diapers in Large.

How about Charlie Banana® One Size?
The One Size diapers may be used from birth through to the potty training stage, by simply adjusting the leg elastic as your baby grows. You will need a minimum of 24-36 diapers.

Accessories you will also need

  • 1 roll of Bio Liner – 100 sheets
  • 3 packs of Charlie Banana® organic cotton wipes
  • 2 packs of Charlie Banana® organic cotton double-sided wipes
  • 1 Charlie Banana® change pad
  • 1 Charlie Banana® tote bag
  • 1 Charlie Banana® hanging diaper pail
  • 1 pack of Charlie Banana® biodegradable pads

Hanging Diaper Pail- Waterproof and great for storing your diapers before washing. After your little one no longer uses diapers, the diaper pail may be re-used as a laundry or storage bag. It can be hung anywhere. A really useful item.

Charlie Banana® Biodegradable Disposable Pads
Charlie Banana® biodegradable disposable pads are ideal for occasional use. If you are facing a long plane ride or are dropping off your children with their grandparents.

Our disposable inserts are made of Wood pulp and a small amount of SAP for ultimate absorption. They are biodegradable. We do not recommend that you flush them.

We offer them in packs of 32 pcs.

We're here to help!
The Charlie Banana® Team.