Danielle, Adam and Porter-Pittsburgh, USA

Being environmentally conscious, i knew we SHOULD cloth diaper; however, I didn't know we would absolutely LOVE it. As a first time mom, I had to first convince myself and then my reluctant husband of the ease and convenience of modern cloth diapers (which wasn't very hard after a little research!), and now we both love the soft, cuddly fabrics against our baby's skin, the super cute patterns and colors, and the fluffy bum! The fact that we're keeping thousands of non-biodegradable diapers out of landfills and harsh chemicals away from our son's skin feels like a bonus. My son hasn't had ONE diaper rash since he was born! I was initially worried about wash routine, but it couldn't be simpler; I just throw them in our energy efficient washer! My husband loves that we aren't spending hundreds of dollars on disposable diapers each year, that we NEVER run our of diapers, and that the Charlie Banana® diapers we have will last through multiple children. We're so happy to have jumped into the world of cloth with Charlie Banana®, and we really appreciate the fantastic quality and eco-friendiness of the brand.


Destiny Herholz-Wallis

Babies are blessings. I have always wanted what is best for my baby. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I planned on making my own baby food, babywearing, and exposing him to as few toxins as possible. I loved the idea of cloth diapering right away. We live in the Pacific Northwest, where cloth diapering is becoming quite popular; after winning my husband over with the practical details (cost savings, better for baby, etc), I eagerly started my stash. The ease of use and the ability to use Charlie Banana from birth till potty-training is a huge help for busy families!


Brianna, CO

After having to deal with sensitive skin and eczema for as long as I can remember, we chose to cloth diaper for our babies to avoid all the “extra” stuff in disposable diapers and saving money is never a bad thing!! PLUS, look how much cuter a baby butt is with a colorful cloth diaper! We have a 4 month old baby boy named Welker and a baby girl arriving in early December. Both of our babies will be rockin’ their Charlie Bananas!



I decided upon cloth nappies because of the environmental impacts and how it would be more convenient for our lifestyle. My husband and I work as wildlife biologists in South Africa and going to the shops is no easy matter while cloth nappies are always there and ready for use. Before our son was born I bought a big stash of cloth nappies in advance. Half were Charlie Banana and half were another leading brand because I didn't know which type I would prefer. Now that our boy is here, I regret buying anything other than Charlie Bananas. They fit so much better and the quality is far superior. I always want to use my Charlie Bananas and I deliberately place the other brand's nappies at the bottom of the stack hoping to avoid using them! I've attached a photo of me (second from left holding the baby), my husband and our son with 4 generations of my husband's family.


Amy Klipp, PA

It was always my dream to cloth diaper my baby. Unfortunately, fear and horror stories scared me away. When Landon was 4 months old and after hours of research, I was sold on Charlie Banana diapers. If I was going to cloth diaper, Charlie Banana was the only way! It has been a decision I am so thankful I made every day. The ease and comfort make Landon and mom happy! Also, dad has now learned that cloth diapering can be easy and not “gross” like he always thought it would be. No more leaks or stinky disposable diapers for this family! We look forward to expanding our Charlie Banana cloth diaper collection!



I came across Charlie Banana diapers and fell in love with the Project Child Save designs. My hubby is AD military so I am always looking for patriotic/camo diapers. My little guy has sensitive skin and these are so soft/gentle on him. The diapers have held up amazing for 2+ years and we can’t wait to use them on our next baby. We started cloth diapering because I couldn’t imagine all those diapers sitting in a landfill. We love to hike and want our world to stay beautiful!


Hanna O'Malley, Hanna Letchworth

As soon as my son was born, we were introduced to disposable diapers in the hospital. We were never given any information on the alternative. Months went by, I couldn’t help but keep thinking that there had to be something better, not only for the environment, but for my budget! Society looks at cloth diapers like you are going back to something foreign and difficult—something your grandparents used. However, they truly are just as easy to use as disposable and they are way more fun and colorful. Better yet, your child doesn’t get stuck with lots of harsh chemicals touching their bodies. We work so hard as parents to keep our children away from chemicals by buying organic this or fragrance-free that. Why not make the change to cloth?

My son is 5 months old now and knowing that this one diaper can stick with him for years means the world to us. These diapers are also much better than disposable because the inserts are ridiculously absorbent, we barely have to change him two or three times a day—can’t get that with disposable! Our entire family loves Charlie Banana! We plan to stick with them for life!


Stephanie, Josh & Adeline

My husband and I decided to cloth diaper our daughter Adeline mainly for her well-being. We want to do as much as we can to reduce the exposure of chemicals to her little body and one way we found we could do that was by taking the plunge into the cloth diaper world. At first, it seemed daunting - all of the brands and types of diapers as well as the whole process of washing them, but we took baby steps. It didn’t take us long to figure out and now that we have a routine and diapers we are comfortable using, I can't imagine anything else! What we love about the Charlie Banana diapers are the adjustable legs, making them easy to adjust as she grows as well as the front pocket. We love our cloth diapers and hope to see many more families trying them out in the future!



My little boy just turned one and we started cloth diapering when he was two months old. I have loved our journey so far with cloth! I hated the thought of spending so much money on diapers that I would repeatedly throw away. Initially that’s why we wanted to cloth diaper -to save money, which it definitely is doing, but I have loved even more benefits of cloth as well. It is so nice to never need to run to the store for diapers and the diaper laundry is the easiest load I do. I love their softness and how gentle they are on his tush. We have a few brands of diapers and our Charlie Banana ones are definitely amazing. They have an awesome fit and I love the bright fun colors! And because poop is a part of cloth diapers, our Charlie Bananas are the easiest to spray off, so I sort of hope he poops when he’s in one of those instead of a different brand! Some family and friends thought I was crazy when we were interested in cloth diapers, but I am so glad we did and now I never see us going back.


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