Spread Love To Your Whole Family With A New Scent!

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Spread Love To Your Whole Family With A New Scent!

Have you started your spring cleaning yet! This Easter reward your home with something fresh and long lasting -- a natural furniture cleaner.

When you step into the world of natural and reusable, every product that you purchase has to meet your new criteria. First you start with your cleaning products: why should anyone almost pass out from toxic fumes while cleaning their bathroom, when you can have a lovely vinegar or orange oil scented product as efficient and for same or less money?

Later you will start reading labels on the cookies box trying to avoid anything such as Xanthan gum and natural flavorings, which sadly mean the same as MSG.

Then you look at all your plastic utensils, and the list goes on and on. Very often Charlie Banana® moms and dads begin with our diapers and then they continue to immerse themselves into this natural and reusable lifestyle.

This time we would like to feature a natural furniture cleaner, which unlike the traditional furniture cleaners does not have a harsh gasoline smell with a hint of lemon. There are many variations of natural furniture cleaners and here’s a head start with two:

For this mix, you can use Apple Cider or White distilled vinegar, and Jojoba Oil (Wax) or Olive Oil. White vinegar is best to clean all furniture while apple cider vinegar is best for furniture that will not become stained easily. For oil, it depends on preference. Both Jojoba and Olive oil have long shelf lives and both are excellent for the polishing effect on the furniture!

Mixture 1: Vinegar Furniture Cleaner
¼ cup of Vinegar (the cleaner)
4-5 drops of oil (the polisher)
Mixture 2: Lemon Juice Polisher
Fresh Lemon Juice
4-5 drops of olive oil

What To Do:

• Place the ingredients in a jar and shake well.

• Take a soft cloth in dip into mixture, you will only need a slight amount.

Begin to wipe the furniture! (You can test a small area of the furniture to see how it will react to the mixture. If all is well...continue!)

Charlie Banana® team

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