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Project Child Save

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When it comes to philanthropy, there are many causes and many amazing charities worldwide to consider. At Charlie Banana® giving back is a very important element of our business. We've have always been close to Operation Smile - they are doing wonderful things for children – and we've been very pleased with what they've done with our corporate donations. We've always wanted to do more and last year, when we discovered Project Child Save organization we knew right away that it was a perfect addition.

Young girl in grocery shopping cart Human trafficking is something no one wants to hear about. The thought of a child being kidnapped is unbearable. When we see missing reports, we all pray for their rescue and reunification with the families and we also secretly pray that nothing of the sort will ever happen to our families. We all have a special story to tell when we lose a child for 5 mins in a supermarket and recall the fright of the moment. With the rampant growth of the Children Pornography industry, it is only getting worse, and most governments do not have special forces for such cases.
Only a year ago, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Project Child Save. The foundation made me realize the seriousness of the problems they face. If anything like this happened to you, what would you do? Where would you go? None of us think of such horrors, nor do we want to. The truth is that there are not too many things that you can do as a parents to retrieve your child. When I realized the work the men of Project Child Save do to rescue those children, it made me feel immensely grateful to know that such heroes exist. The courage, passion, and commitment those men have is exemplary and true Heroism.

This year, with your help, we were able to donate a significant amount of money, and I was privileged to meet Ty Ritter the founder of Project Save Child. It was emotional - they need so much to be able to carry out more rescue operations. Speaking with Ty, I was shaken by the scarcity of funds and help they receive. I wish that we could change that so they have plenty of financial resources.

Ty has organized dozens of rescue missions to retrieve young children that have been abducted. Since 2009, he counted over 500 children. His team devotes a good part of their lives to rescue those children.

The state of California has honored Ty Ritter and Project Child Save on several occasions, and yet, when it comes to funding, they are on their own.

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Man rescuing 2 young girls The more funding they receive, the more rescue missions they can carry out. This is where the entire Charlie Banana® team decided to help them. Hopefully, with your help we can create a lot more awareness for their charity and carry out more rescue missions. It is amazing how a single dollar can contribute to gasoline for plane rides, to gathering intel on the children, etc… every dollar counts and the more dollars, the more children we can rescue.

My friend originally described Ty Ritter like this: "Ty Ritter is a hero - end of the story!" And I could not agree more. - smile -
The last rescue mission was a success. Ty and his team went in to find 5 children, and they came back with 12 little girls and one young boy- a true miracle!!! When I received the email, I cried and I wanted to send more funds right away.

As the company founder, knowing that we send out considerable donations to this cause makes me feel so grateful because it will help some parents to finally be reunited with their children. Some of them have lost all hope of seeing their children ever again.

Join me to help spread awareness of their amazing work. Charlie Banana® will continue to help create awareness and carry special events throughout the year to generate more funding. As a CEO and a mother, this is something corporately and personally that means a lot to me.

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If Ty and his team at Project Child Save is a charity that speaks to you as well, please donate what you can, as often as you can, and please tell your friends and share the tips of Ty Ritter's Book to ensure your children are protected from such predators.
Kidnap & Rescue - Project Child Save A few things you can do to help:
You can personally donate by PAYPAL and there is no minimum.
You can buy the book:
You can help spread the word and help generate more donations.
If you have a business, you can donate corporately and receive a tax-deductible receipt.


For this giveaway that we currently have on, I showed my son - turning 7 this week - what Project Child Save does, and I spoke to him about Ty's courage and Heroism. My son made his first donation ever with his own money and chose the amount. I was very surprised at how much he wanted to donate. He felt very grateful and happy doing it. It was a very special moment we shared together. No matter what the cause is, teaching our children kindness and the power of giving is important.

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Thank you for joining me in this mission and thank you for your support of Charlie Banana® – and to Ty Ritter, THANK YOU and your team, for saving so many lives.

Be Good!

Gaëlle and the Team.