“Jeremy Goes to the Fair” and Charlie Banana®

"Jeremy Goes to the Fair" and Charlie Banana®

Jeremy and friends on wheels

This post is a bit unusual, but something I wanted to share with you. Many years ago I worked as the marketing manager for a company called Apptastic Software, and it was the start of my career in producing high quality products for children.

Back in 1998, Apptastic released a children's game that went on to win widespread critical acclaim. We were really proud of it for many reasons!

It was one of the first games to feature a paraplegic character (named Lenny Lion). The response we got from kids around the world really moved us, and it showed how empowering it is for children to feel represented by characters in their games.

We also tested the game with many volunteer kids, and learned so much from their comments and suggestions. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you might be surprised how many companies never bother to design their products based on this kind of real world feedback.

Jeremy's face
I continue to do similar things today with Charlie Banana®. We listen closely to the Charlie Banana® community to design products that will delight - and to help make life for families (and the world) a bit better. We also carefully consider the social impact of what we do, with support for projects like “Operation Smile” and “Healthy Child Healthy World”.

Image of a maze game

Image of a race game
So I was really excited to hear from my old friends at Apptastic that they were making a completely modern version of the game - with all new graphics, sound, and music! The game is called “ Jeremy Goes to the Fair”, and it invites kids to come along with Jeremy Jaguar and friends for a fun-filled day at the fair. It includes 9 great games, and over 50 videos.

And of course, Lenny Lion is in the new version of the game. But now he has a much more modern sport wheelchair!

Image of Haunted castle game mummy and baby in a Charlie Banana Reusable Cloth Diaper One of the rides in the fair is the “Haunted Castle”. It is a mini adventure with a maze filled with cute and funny monsters. One of these is a mommy mummy and her baby, and you’ll notice that they have great taste in diapers!

When the original game was made, I didn't have any children yet. But this time, my own two children were able to play it as testers. They really love the game! And as a parent, I like that it doesn't have any annoying in app purchases or advertising. Jeremy Jaguar and his friends are very fun and kindhearted, and the setting is like a sunny day at an old-style country fair.

The game is available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store and I hope you'll check it out!
Charlie Banana® team