Become a Charlie Banana Ambassador!


We're building a team of eco-warrior parents who want to create a greener, kinder world for their little ones. Besides being a part of a real change, you’ll also get access to these perks:

  • Early access to new products, prints, sustainability initiatives and more
  • Insta-worthy product samples
  • Exclusive discount for your audience
  • A chance to have your stories and pics featured on our social media

If you feel passionate about cloth diapering and/or reusable feminine products and would like to join us on our mission,email us with the subject line:"[your_name] = Charlie Banana Ambassador"

Please include the following information in your email:

1. First and lastname

2.Social media handles + # of followers

3. Website (if any) + # of unique visitors/month

4. Country + City

5. # of children (if any), their age, height and weight

6. Are you interested in cloth diapers, femcare or both?

7. Why do you want to become a Charlie Banana Ambassador?

Due to the high volume of submissions, we can only respond to the partnership proposals that our Marketing Team approves.

We're looking forward to your submission!